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Journalism in Japan

For the journalism component of the 9th grader’s English curriculum, we were presented with the opportunity to write and publish articles for, a local English publication for people living and visiting Hiroshima. Along the way Joy Walsh, the founder and editor of Get Hiroshima was kind enough to come in and give a presentation to the students on how to write great reviews. 

Joy, who also teaches at a local Hiroshima college, was able to hook our students up with local guides who wanted to practice English for a day of exploration and investigation. Students took the entire day to follow leads with the help of their new guides.

14115755158_940936be98_nA strange part of the entire experience was that the Hiroshima branch of NHK, Japan’s national news service, was interested in doing a piece on our students as they wrote pieces on Hiroshima. As a finale, students were invited to tour the NHK studios and spend some time on the air talking about their time in Japan.

 Grant – Hiroshima Loves Fresh Food

GrantGalek – Serene Daisho-InGalekKiera – Gorge-ous Sandankyo



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